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This photo reminded me that I sat here next to Chuck Berry....Really...

When I was a youngster me and my friend Volney Carlisle used to spend our evenings trying to win tickets and just about whatever you could win on the local radio stations in San Bernardino. On a particular evening I won tickets for 2 to see Chuck Berry with opening act. well Volney and I wanted to see the equipment backstage and being as we were early we went around back of the Swing and Volney went into the loading area to see what he could see and it was then that I noticed Chuck Berry sitting across from his Limo smoking a cigarette. I walked and said hey your Chuck Berry and he smiled and said yes I am. I asked him “Can I talk to you?” And he said sure. I made small talk and he asked if I was coming to the show tonight and I told him I won a pair of tickets on the radio. He said well your pretty lucky then and I replied yes Im pretty good at winning contests and that me and a friend won a lot of contests because we wanted to be DJ’s someday. He said so you could maybe play Chuck Berry music and I laughed and said yeah. He said so you like guitar and I said that I was learning to play. He then said so you know any Chuck Berry songs and I felt trapped and I said not yet. And he said well your a guitar player when you can. I then noticed that there was something on his thumb. He had long fingers. He raised up his thumb and looking at it said, “ hum someone trying to sell my thumb for a dollar” it was a sales sticker. I laughed and he said well I got to go get ready for the show and I shook his hand and he got into the back seat of his Limo. I thanked him and when I met up with my friend Volney I told him I met Chuck Berry and he said oh yeah sure......But I did.

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