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The Dream began Here

Welcome to all who see this blog.

The Dream has always been music and still is. This photograph is one of the earliest I have ever taken. Probably shot with my Mom's old Brownie camera. (Not a joke for you youngsters).

Anyway in the photo from left to right are My first guitar cost my oldest brother Bob 9.99 and whatever tax was in the early 60's. Bought it at the first real Super chain store in So-Cal this one in my hometown of San Bernardino called White Front. It was hanging gloriously on a spinner rack that you could revolve and take a pick from the guitars hanging there. Really they were all the same. So I picked one and the race was on. If your a guitar player you probably know about binding. Well this one was so cheap that they were painted on. Thank you for being so kind to me brother Bob.

So this was my bedroom in the photo. The Inner Sanctum of my life in the 60's oh I guess between 12 and 17. I left home around then. But the music even then kept me sane. So moving on the electric guitar on the right was my first electric guitar from Japan. I used to walk my Dad past the pawn shop when we'd go home from Catholic school at Saint Bernardine's. Dad was the Custodian there. So each time we'd go to the car to go home to Colton Calif. I'd somehow say can we go in please and look at this guitar but he never would. So basically I gave up on getting it. Long story short Dad did get it for me for Christmas that year I was 10. There is really a lot more fun stuff connected to that guitar like Christmas day and getting it but that's for another Blog.

And last but not least My Stella 12 String in Center. I saw an add in the San Bernardino Sun that said "guitar for sale must sell first come first served". So naturally I begged my Mom and told her I'd pay her back. Don't remember if I did but I did do a lot of work for her since she was always a sickly woman. So the 12 string made by Stella was owned by a older teen that had joined the Navy to fight the good fight or something. He had it in his closet when I came into his room to see it. It was still in the cardboard box he had bought it in. I gave him the 40.00 bucks and went home.

Playing it extensively I pushed my fingers to get used to the harder action. 12 strings aren't as easy to play as a regular 6 string overall. I used that guitar to play in the 9th grade talent contest. Playing Marianne Faithful song that the Rolling Stones made famous called "As tears go by" to win. Yes I said win the Sturges Jr. High Talent contest that year. Main reason I think I won was that everyone really didn't have a talent where they played anything live but me. I mean everyone was lip sinking like Supremes tunes. Plus I got my first girlfriend after walking by her house with my guitar and eventually playing that same song for her. But the dream goes on. Trying to keep this short. I hope your all well and are connecting with the rest of us. Now more than ever we need Music.



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