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Invest in the Music of Local Musicians...

Hey Everyone,

Today I come to you in the hopes that I'm not being too forward. I'm just asking you to support my music that I love and most of you have too...For less than $20.00 I'll send you my newest creation

written, sang, played, Produced and Engineered for the first time by me. While I consider it my best work so far you can be the judge. I do appreciate all feedback and believe me playing music for as long as I have you experience the good and the bad. I've loved Blues/Rock forever. Many of you know me as just an acoustic guitar play Singer/Songwriter. But I've played in Original bands and Cover bands forever besides my solo efforts. From touring to local gigs her in beautiful Chico. At this age I feel I still have a lot to offer. So hit my website up @ and buy one....It will only help support the already written "LOVE" album. Oh and the music on this video if you watched it isn't me it's generic. Also all my previous 3 CD's are on sale for an additional $10.00 bucks and shipping. I just couldn't find a blues genre to put behind the video and I couldn't use my own cause they charge for that. But when you hit my website you'll be able to hear the single "To This Day" written for all the Mothers in the world who support their babies...Blessings to you for your support and thanks.

Lynn Brown & the Silver Lining band "Another Hard Road" is all thanks to the amazing creative souls of some incredible players all local and previously local people you might know. Thanks to those who have already purchased the disc. Love to all.


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