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If I Could Be a Better Me

Seems like a bit of a stretch but if I could be a better me I would.

I think the first thing I would do is stay in better shape throughout my time on this planet. Less Booze, Less Drugs (including the ones doctors prescribe) and just overall be a better me. I haven't been a bad guy just not the best me I know I could have been so far. I'm not talking about loving you all because most of you know I do and have. I'm simply reflecting on the times I missed saying it or felt weird thinking maybe you might react in a deflective manner. I'm not so worried about that anymore. In the last few years I have realized that if you say I Love You say in a conversation to another man you either get no I Love You back or no reply at all. Don't know why it's harder or it seems harder for a man to show his love outright. I think we need more LOVE more now than ever. Here's a good Idea maybe next time we talk to each other on social media we should make a point to end our conversations or comments with I Love You...What do you think? Couldn't be that hard right?

i love you

I Love You



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