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Frankenstein...Great Song Right?

Hello Everyone,

Today I will tell the tale of how I met a very famous musician.

My wife Debbie and I I believe in 2009 took a long road trip 4601 miles.

We visited folks and just had a whole lot of us time. It was a ball.

Texas is Hugh. Never know how big until you've driven through it.

On our way to another beautiful state Santa Fe we stopped for the night and there seemed to be a open market there the next day so we as wondering tourists visited the shops and the market. Down the street from the market was a wonderful Catholic Church that the doors were created to show the people and saints of the past. Very ornate and indeed beautiful.

We meandered around the streets and I suddenly saw some pretty cool wind mobiles in a little walk through park. Deb and I walked through wondering how much they must cost and if we needed one. When suddenly a woman stopped and asked are you a guitar player? referring to my Tie Dyed T-Shirt with guitars on both sides I guessed. I said yes I am. To which she replied as she pointed in this man's direction...Well do you know who Rick Derringer is? to which I answered yes I do he's standing right there. At that point Rick walked up and shook my hand and asked if I'd take a picture of him and his wife. I grabbed his camera and took a couple pix and gave him back the camera. I then told him I loved his playing since forever...From Hang On Sloopy to Frankenstein. And especially his latest blues collection. He said he was glad I dug it and we talked about our trip. He and his wife then invited us to their adobe ranch he said about 40 miles away and of course I immediately thought that was weird. So we kindly refused. Shook hands and walked on babbling can you believe that was Rick Derringer. When I got back to the room we were staying in I looked him up on computer and my premonition was correct. He was all about finding Jesus and while that's not a bad thing I'm just not into that anymore since my Catholic daze. I'm glad I had a feeling. We might have been indoctrinated all over again. And my wife is Jewish so that wouldn't have worked anyway. So cool but not. My only regret was I didn't get a picture with him.

So Peace and remember "Your life is as good as anybody else's sometimes even better so enjoy it while you can cause shit happens".


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