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Big Deal Right? RIGHT!

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

The CD Drops August 24th 2021...Lynn Brown & the Silver Lining Band "Another Hard Road" Yup its being pressed right now. Did this one with the help of some former and current Chico and Paradise musician's. I've called them the Silver Lining Band

They really are special on this album. Never really realized a dream until this one at least musically.

12 Songs about 48 minutes. I'm hoping you guys dig it. I did the artwork and the package for the first time. All my other CD covers and photo's my kids helped on. But this one I am producing and mixing myself.

Was recorded throughout these United States on the recording equipment each of the Silver Lining Band members was using in their studio's and re gathered on my Harrison Mixbus 7.0 recording DAW. Have to thank our drummer Dale Price for recording several parts in his Pro Audio Sound Studio's.

Photography was also credited on the CD. So when you have time go to and check it out you can stream it for free currently. Of course these are MP3's so the sound quality won't be as good as the CD. I will be selling it on the website for sale price of 13.50 and shipping of a couple bucks. Gathering some great musicians was the best. Thanks to you all you know who you are.

Also One song didn't make this collection. But I'm currently working on the "LOVE ALBUM" and so High School Confidential will appear on the next CD. So thanks for now. GO Listen while it's free until I pull it to sell it.


Lynn Brown

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