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1st Blog- Well hello people. Today I'm trying to figure this thingy out.

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Time it keeps ticking ticking ticking into the future. And I'm not getting any younger nor neither are you. So my first though is about this picture. This was my Martin 0018 guitar made between 1950-1951. I had just refurbished it when it was stolen. I was about 17+ I bought her for 150.00 bucks at Liers Music in San Bernardino. I actually talked my Brother Mike into co-signing for me because well I was a budding musician.

So that generally means I payed for it through gig money. So the story goes I was sitting on my front lawn on 11th St. In Berdoo playing my little girl and these kids were riding around the block on their stingray bikes. I thought (well my ego thought) that they were digging the music. But come to find out they were casing me and my beautiful girl. Anyway I put her away and walked across town to Denny's to write some lyrics. When I came home a little high later I unlocked the front door to my Parents house and realized right away that the kitchen window had been broken into cause the curtain was sticking into the house through the window.

I ran into the bedroom. I had put it down on my Mom's bed in her room and didn't see the Martin but just an outline where I had laid her on the comforter of Mom's bed. I freaked out. Called the police. But that was the last time I've seen her. I do have the original registration through Martin so if I ever see it. I will take her home with me. I'm sure bad Karma has befallen those little shits at least I hope so. So that is how my original equipment was taken from me. Hope your not too bored yet and you come and visit me again. I have lots to say.

I figure I'll try and post once a week. And I will have prizes to give away. Some cool music and stuff. So have a great time whatever you do and remember ... "Life is short but so am I".



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