Things have been great over the years from my start in music some 58 years ago...This year I will be 69. My first instrument was the Ukulele. At the age of 8 my sister's friend Lucky Pang from the islands taught me the song "Five foot two" 6 1/2 years ago.

        I started working at a local music store and they had Ukes. I picked one up and totally remembered 5 foot 2 like it was yesterday. As a teenaged musician I once opened for the Who the band from England that had many hits in the 60's. That one gig taught me more than I knew at the time about being a musician and what it was to make it big.

       Things changed when I moved from San Bernardino to Chico, Ca. in 1974.

Following my Bass player friend Joe Shaw I came to know and love living and playing in Chico and the surrounding area.

        It has been a long and winding road. I have played in many a band and with some fine and not so fine musicians. But one thing has never changed and that is my commitment to music. I am at a stage in my career that I consider myself a Singer/Songwriter. I have always been a lead singer and so it's only natural now that I am playing without a band. I have created a solo act and also play sometimes with my daughter Amy Brown..I don't plan on quitting anytime soon and I hope you enjoy listening to my music.


Yours in music

Lynn E. Brown